Principal Aecs#2,RBT

    In this journey of life, there are many obstacles like illiteracy, ignorance, superstition, vain ego, conflicts, greed and hatred. But these can be removed because humans are certainly blessed to be bestowed upon by the most divine and humane of all gifts, that’s EDUCATION. It is indeed a pro human approach that the minds which are ignited by the sparks of knowledge, kindle the fire of intellect and wisdom all around.

    As one amongst you, I understand and appreciate the most difficult and challenging task ahead of us. Shaping the destiny of a child is a matter of great pride for each one of us.

    At Atomic Energy Central School-2, Rawatbhata, the aim is to provide an enabling environment that helps nurture individuals and we believe that education must help children to excel holistically across academics, sports, arts and co-curricular pursuits, while ensuring their safety and well-being. All these tenets are central to our philosophy and inspire us in everything we do.

    In this mission of moulding children into caring, compassionate, understanding individuals, we solicit the help of the parents. Dear parents, please remember that your guidance, support, presence and patience would make a world of difference to your ward. In this modern world, when technology is creating its space in our children’s heart and the virtual world seems more real than the real one, it becomes mandatory that we as parents and teachers, make time for our children and induce them to be more involved in the real world by being there for them at every step and at every moment. This is very important if we have to carry on our legacy of providing the world with living, breathing, feeling citizens who will strive to make the world a better place. For, in my opinion, the ultimate goal of all education we give or receive is touching the world and making it humane with our thoughts, behaviour and actions!

    Keeping in view the need of the hour to nurture young minds and aiming for their wholesome development, I intend to put forward my vision of attaining perfection and excellence through optimum efforts and focused diligence. I seek the values of integrity and accountability from every quarter.

Sh. Lokesh Joshi