The guidelines for admission to classes from Balvatika-1 to Balvatika-3 for the Academic Session 2023-2024 in the Atomic Energy Central Schools are as follows:

  1. Eligibility
    1. Children of employees of the Constituent Units, Projects, Aided Institutes, Public Sector undertaking under full control of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) are eligible for admission in Atomic Energy Central Schools.
    2. The admission to the wards of CISF employees working in DAE units would be considered at par with DAE wards as long as the CISF employee continues to work in DAE units. This concession ceases once CISF employee leaves DAE or its Constituent Units.
  2. Admission Form

           The admission process is over for the session 2023-2024

  4. Document to be submitted
    1. Original Birth Certificate along with an attested copy is to be submitted at the time of admission in Pre-preparatory, Preparatory class or Class – 1 Admission will not be granted on the basis of an affidavit in lieu of a birth certificate.
    2. Transfer Certificate is to be submitted when Admission is sought in classes 2 to 10.
    3. Quarter allotment order/Sharing permission order from the Department of the parent/guardian.
    4. A copy of employment certificate of the parent from the concerned unit of DAE or attested copy of latest salary slip or copy of valid Identity Card along with original Identity Card for verification.
    5. A copy of the caste certificate.
    6. Certificate from the administrative head of the unit of DAE certifying correctness of address if not residing in DAE quarters.
    7. A copy of the CHSS card in the name of the child.
  5. Age
  6. The eligible minimum and maximum age as on 31st March – 2023 for admission in various classes is as follows:

Class Minimum age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought Maximum age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought
Balvatika-1 3 Years 4 years
Blavatika-2 4 Years 5 years
Blavatika-3 5 Years 6 years
I 6 Years 7 years
II 6 Years 8 years
III 7 Years 9 years
IV 8 Years 10 years
V 9 Years 11 years
VI 10 Years 12 years
VII 11 Years 13 years
VIII 12 Years 14 years
IX 13 Years 15 years
X 14 Years 16 years